Ok, ive changed the string on my guitar - the high e. Everytime i bend it, there seems to be a weird kinda clicking noise. Anyone got any idea what it is? It also happens with my B string which i also recently changed. It doesnt affect the tone and doesnt make my strings de-tune but its very annoying.
I assume it's rubbing up against something. It could be a higher frett, a pickup, or something else. Take a closer look.
Strech the strings then retune them. That's what usually happens when you first put a string on.
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Sounds like the action needs to be raised to me.
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I had a problem like this with one of my guitars. It was a tune-o-matic bridge, the kind where the bridge has individual saddles for each string to make setting the intonation easier. The G string was the one with the problem, and as it turns out, the saddle needed to be replaced. It was moving slightly when I bent the string, and it wasn't a smooth motion (the saddle's) - it just snapped into place and then snapped back down when I released the bend. It was annoying.

What guitar do you have, and with what kind of bridge setup?
You should stretch your strings before you put them on. If your string makes the clicking noise, and then is out of tune after the bend, that's your problem.