Hello! I am left handed and I want to buy a new electric bass. I found two : Ibanez GSR200L and BCRich Warlock. Which of those is better? Could you tell me of something greater and with a more all-round sound?
The GSR200L is a very good starter bass. There are other lefties, but theyère more expensive, I believe
most Ibanes basses are good quality i play one and I like it pretty well, but make sure you like the feel and sound of it too. I have a b.c. rich guitar and they are good instruments, but they have a kind of stiff feel sometimes because of the shapes, if you can go play a few and see what you like.
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I am playing in a band so I want something good.
Well, you could give a price range, whichèd help us with what would be good for you.
Try them both and see which one you like.

B.C. Rich guitars can often have a reduced size (i.e. my avenge sob is 10% smaller than a normal beast), but some Ibanez guitars can also be smaller than others (i.e. my RG2EX1 is also 10% smaller than a normal rg.).

So when it comes down to it, play them both and see which one has a neck size more fitting to your hand size, and one other thing. B.C. Rich guitars are spiky, as you know. That can get REALLY annoying after a while, but you get used to it. So if you get irritated or distracted easily, ibanez ftw.

When it all comes down to it, both great brands. But I don't play bass. So, try them both and see which one has a more comfortable feel to it.
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