i no this probably isnt the right place for this (not strictly guitar related bu i hope UG wnt mind so long as i slip em a few beers later ) but does anybody who either plays/knows someone who plays the drums who could giv me advice on what to buy as a first drum kit (for my friends birthday) somthing easy to play, not electric, small enough 2 fit into a small room (going to university in september) and less than £400 ish (maybe a bit more tho not too much) i would apreciate any help
I don't want to pee on your cherrios, but... good luck finding people who won't hate you for playing the drums in a college dorm or apartment building (unless you're living in a house, in which case you just need to appease your roommates).
how much is that in USD? i;m too lazy to google a money converter
I play with sticks and strings
i cant recommend anything over in the UK. i live in the states. you can sign up on pearls forum and ask the various overseas fellas there.
I play with sticks and strings
i suggest an electric kit if your going to a highly populated area like university dorms, because you cna control the volume much better. of course it wont sound as good as normal drums but at the moment its about getting good rather than sound.
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isn't me playin in the dorm tis my m8 an she evil so she dont care (it's $780.72) she dosnt like electric stuff tho she wants sumthing that sounds gud when she can paly so she wont have 2 buy a new set