Hey everyone,

We're still looking hard for a committed bassist with good talent. We have our own studio that we jam and record in whenever we please. We have a guitar, drummer and a vocalist. All we need is a bassist. If you're interested, please e-mail us!


Here's our myspace so you can hear our stuff:


Thanks for your time.
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hi my names phil, im 16 and i play guitar though have a bass os can play that too...
i dont know whether you're still looking but maybe we couldjam sometime??

where in Mississauga are you guys located?
Hey, my name is Austin and I play bass. I really really dug your sound guys. Plus, I loled pretty hard at the name 'cause the name of my current (kinda) band is Still Current. Anyways, I really think you guys are doing something great and it'd be sick to meet you/jam some time. By the way, how old are you guys? I noticed the dude above me said he was 16 and didn't get a reply. Just wondering.