I'm looking to buy a new amp in a price range of £150-£200 (I'm based in the UK). Does anyone have any suggestions? I like the look of the Vox AD50VT, but anyones opinion is welcome . I've tried a few Marshalls (DFX and AVT), and I'm not really keen on either of them. If it's any use, I play an Ibanez SA120 through a Zoom GTX-5 and, at the moment, a Fender Frontman 15R (a reliable practice amp, but im looking to upgrade). Thanks for any help or ideas you have to offer.
What do you play?

But from all your options the the Vox AD50VT looks like the best. Steer clear for the Marshall MG ( I assume you meant that when you said DFX) and the AVTs are overpriced for what they are. See if you can test out your Zoom through the AD50VT before you buy it as the amp is a moddler so it may not sound that good.
Of those listed, the Vox is certainly the best. But as Cjay pointed out, you wanna try your effets processor with it. The Vox effects may be enough for you.

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I have a Vox AD15VT. Since I've had it, I've been selling off my small assortment of pedals, as the built in effects processor is all I need. Unless you're very fond of the Zoom, you'll probably end up selling it so you can pick up the footswitch for the Vox...and yes, I say get the Vox.
bear in mind though the Vox works excellently with Compact Pedals , which isnt bad for a modeling amp
i would go for a roland cube or the avt

stay clear of cheap marshalls and line 6 spiders!!!!

i would save a bit more and get a tube amp, or have a look on ebay

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Only other things I've considered are Ashton SSS amps, mainly cos of their low pricing (even tho they sound OK), or A Hughes and Kettner Edition Blue 60R. I've heard good things about h & K, even the SS ones. I play a huge mix of stuff, from classic rock to metal, clean/acoustic to punk, so pretty much anything. I'm not really up to blues or jazz though.