anyway, whats a pretty descent guitar for melodic death metal, trash, other various metal genres and other stuff as well such as punk and alternative

so far ive been lookng at:
the schecter c-1 hellraiser for 650
ltd ex 400
ltd ec400
ltd MH400nt

notice all the guitars have active emgs which i want

i would like a floyd rose but for some reason i cannot find one for that price range with emgs and that stays in tune well with the floyd

tell me which guitar is better or suggest new ones please

oh and the price range up willing to go up to is about $650
hmm what amp do you have? reason: active emgs wont sound as great if they are played through so el cheapo amp.

and have you tried out all the guitars, im pretty sure the schecter would have the thickest neck out of all those so that may also be a problem.