I have a Paul Stanley Warm-Up Amp. (Silvertone) and its 15 watts. how bad is it?



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well, at 15 watts, it's probably only meant to be a practice amp. bad compared to say, a blues jr.
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that depends on what kind of music you play, and how long you've been playing, and where you play (alone in your room, with a band, stuf flike that). It's nothing special, it's a small practice amp for beginners playing by themselves.
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yep its a loners amp. I personally have the worlds biggest amp custom made, perfect for playing my type of music (Top secret) and it would vibrate the roof off your house if no the whole of your city.

Its that loud, when your mum walks past she just sticks a stick up her fany, so she doesn't have to do any hard work.