im learning beast and the harlot by a7x

some of the parts in it are faster than i can do.

is this the right thing to do?:

-take apart the hard part and put it into pieces
-practice the piece slow increasing it when youve mastered that speed
-once youve mastered it at the speed that its played at..move on to the next piece

which leads me to some other questions
how do you know when youve mastered it?

like...can you like play it like without looking or like 50 times without messing up?

like i can play one of the licks in it at about 120 bpm and ill have it like on for a while
and off for a little.

Start by playing it slowly, but maintain the rhythm. Then work your way up until you can play the piece at the original (or even faster) tempo consistently without any major/noticeable screwups.
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