I'll keep it short,

Its just a little to quiet, what am I doing wrong? Should I learn to tap harder or what?

i was the same way when i tapped with my pick and then i switched 2 my index finger. and it was still quiet. so i found out u should take the index finger a sotra push the string down, sorta like a mini bend or sumthin. i dont know if anyone else does it that way, but its works for me.

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There a foot switch on my GT8..it's cool ...I stomp on it during leads...
it cranks up the volume.

I program in a little bit of delay and reverb to obtain sustain.

You can also use a compressor to get sustain.
You can get more sustain from overdrive, but it gets too distorted sometimes.

I use the middle finger and ring finger to tap.
My index finger craddle the pick...i don't think too much about it ,now.
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i find the middle finger easier, because i can still hold the pick, but i also sometimes tap with the ring and index. just try it slowly, tapping and pulling off/hammering on loudly, by pressing harder.
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practice, do strength building chromatic ( and other such ) exersises. at first tapping sounds lame cause your fingers are not used to it, and the muscles are not strong enough to produce the 'loud' tapping you have heard others do. 'loud' tapping comes in time, with practice and increased strength
I use my middle finger(So I can hold the pick and still have two other fingers to tap with) and I use a "Push off" that's like pulling off but you brush the flesh of your finger across the string a little when tapping so you make the string vibrate...
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