I'm not sure if this should go in this forum or the customizing one but I'll put it here...

I'm thinking about getting a strap lock, but I'm unsure if my guitar would be compatable. I have a V shaped guitar with a bolt on neck, and the strap up by the neck is included as one of the screws that bolts the neck on. So I'm not sure if the strap lock would be able to do so. Here's a pic I found on eBay

I have a different color but its good enough.
Yeah it'll work. The locks should come with longer screws.

Try Dimarzio Cliplocks, they're really, really, really comfy (but look quite small) and never come undone, plus Vai uses them.

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The Cliplock straps would probably be a good way to go if possible. But the strap locks should be perfectly compatible with your guitar.