Critting as I listen. The intro is really good, but something sounds screwy with the lead guitar sound. Idk, maybe it's my computer. The buildup into the distorted part is good, but the drums sound a little mellow there, possibly heavier drums. I like the bass solo, very Cliff-esque, it would sound cool with some distortion and wah, but that's not really possible with midi. The second solo is very good, right on key and fits well. My only complaint is it's almost the exact same structure as fade to black. Intro, clean verse, dist. chorus, clean verse, dist. chorus, heavy dist. part, and outro solo. Maybe be little more original with the song structure. Very good overall, though. 9/10. Crit one of mine? They're in my sig.
That was ****en sweet, i really liked main riff was cool and the electric over the top was perfect but it was the solo that was the real good stuff really interesting solo really enjoyable piece keep it up.
Finally a Metallica inspired song with descent bass . Cliff would be proud. The clean guitar sounded SO like Hetfield from the 80's it was creepy. The solos were pretty darn good too. I really liked it.

Possibly my favorite song on UG yet.