so i have an interview at a hotel tomorrow and iv never been in any kind of interview before, tips?
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dress nice, shave, speak clearly and loudly, turn off your cell phone, don't get diahrea and u should be ok
FIRM HANDSHAKE!!! but don't break his hand... not that you'd be able to anyways... wuss. i kid... but seriously, dress professionally, speak professionally, try not to look too nervous, act like you're happy to be there and act like you want the job. at the end of the interview thank him for the opportunity to meet with him and tell him you would really like the job/ would really like to work for them. seems cheesy but it really does help.
at a hotel?

ooooh, so it's that kinda interview
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k what do i say if they ask why i want to work there? i really have no idea
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[T]ANK I hate your sig

because you used to live in a hotel and you love hotels because they remind you of your real mother.

Works every time
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