Alright, so I heard that the M-Audio Delta 44 is supposed to be pretty decent.. But I have a few questions..

1- Whats the difference between a balanced and unbalanced input?
2- What would I use the outputs on the Delta 44 for? Headphones/monitors?
3- What's I/O and what's the difference between digital I/O and analog I/O?

The two other questions:
4- And what are the advantages of a directly mounted PCI card over an external device connected by USB or Firewire?
5- Is there a quality/sound difference between connecting a mic into a 1/4" jack or one with a XLR input (I think that's what they're called right?). As in some mic cables go from mic->XLR from mic to cable->1/4" jack from cable into whatever (computer/amp/etc..).

Cheers! I'm 100% new to recording (just record the ocassional lick on my Zoom PS-04) so I just need to get the basics down to get started
I have a question, if you copyright the album, is all the song on the album automatically copyrighted
What does that ^ have to do with any of this?

Well anyways.. any help would be appreciated ty