I'm in a band and I love both other members. But the drummer has a bit of a problem where he focuses more on other instruments than on drums. He takes up bass lessons, quits drum lessons, and picks up guitar in the same week. I normally wouldn't care about him dabbling in other instruments, trying your hand at other things is great, but it's become apparant that his drumming isn't improving any. So the bass player and I practice hard on our instruments and are improving, meanwhile he's staying the same because he's playing three instruments at once without a focus to any one in particular. I don't want to be up front with him because I don't want to hurt his feelings telling him that he sucks, plus he wouldn't take the news that well and would do something crazy like leave the band. Does anyone know how I can get him to focus more on drumming so that the band can progress as a whole? Or am I just being selfish? any help's appreciated.
yeah as you say theres nothing wrong with trying new intruments but at the end of the day in a band youve got to play your part. If he doesnt want to be the drummer then you should get someone else and maybe have him as a second guitarist?
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Avril definately has some metal influences. Her guitar playing has power chords..just like metal!

hes not good by any means as a guitarist. And the three piece band is really working for us, we'd kinda like to keep it that way. thanks a lot.
I think it really depends on the drummer, do you guys take music as a subject? at college/school or whatever form of education youre doing, if not then i would say to him its fine to learn to play bass or guitar but if youre not pulling youre weight as a drummer then you will be letting everyone else down and shouldnt be in the band.
If he says hell keep up on his drumming but doesnt then you shouldnt have him in your band and if he does keep up then you have no problem/
Its fine for him to keep playing these instruments aslong as he performs as he should and if he doesnt, even after youve mentioned it to him, then he shouldnt be in the band.