I'm sick of the digital, transistor-driven amps that sound more than anything else like a cheap synth that Moog would beat in his sleap. I'm sick of all of'em!! Please don't buy these things and try some tube-the real deal-amps a.k.a TONE heaven. Don't let the merchandise gimmicks saduse you. No matter what effests you have, if you don't have TONE you don't have nothing. How many times have you tried to improvise and because of the headaqueing tone just moved away to play THAT riff and THAT solo from your favourite artist? And guess what. Your tone didn't improved, instead your mind is hearing half your actuall playing and have the record in your memory. These "amps" KILL improvising and thus inspiration to create your own guitar music. The things get even worse if you, as I in the past , have the mentality to use the tubes in the gig and the transistor amp for practise, cause this is suicide for your overall ability as a guitarist. If you practice on a trans.-amp then forget about confidence and authority in your playing.
Please don't sell your guitarist's soul to the devil by dismissing the tubes, c'mon I don't want to hear about it beeing expensive, vulnerable or the lack of versatility( c'mon a bitch is versatile, can take as many as four c****S but would you mary her?)
for the sake of the music LET THE TUBES ROAR
Which tube amp do you recommend? I'm looking to upgrade from my solid state in the future.
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What if you dont like tube amps?
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NaivexLi is anything but naive. His post was a pretty good source of info.


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Guess what: life isn't easy, and tube amps aren't cheap. So, all of us commoners will have to get by with SS's.
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What if you dont like tube amps?
Or can't afford them?

And I can get a perfectly good tone out of a solid state, thank you very much.
Ok.. Pointless read..
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Guess what: life isn't easy, and tube amps aren't cheap. So, all of us commoners will have to get by with SS's.

And I cry myself to sleep every night thinking of you unfortunate souls.
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Solid state amps do have their advantages. Their clean tone which doesn't break up is something people want.
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