I'm looking for a new 4-string bass around $500-$800 i play any kinda rock from led zep-metallica and ive been looking at the traben phoenix and wanted to know if it was any good and im open to any suggestions within my price range
IMO, a fender jazz or precision bass would suit your needs perfectly
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Check out Ibanez basses. They are damn good and not too expensive. People seem to rate Fenders highly too, although I don't
ive tried those fenders i didnt like their neck although i want to check out that geddy lee bass is that any good?
the geddy lee is so far my second favorite fender ive ever played(second to the Marcus Miller), its really fantastic, especially for the price. the neck is really thin so you can fly on that thing and the block inlays are pretty sexy.
i got an epi tbird and the rockbass i tried at gc had a big fat neck which i dont like
The Ibanez SR505. Damn they are sexy
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Aerodyne Jazz. Very thin neck, very light-weight.
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Try playing some Schecters. Their top of the line model is under 800, and they play amazingly well.
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