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1v1 Competition. OTS on the topic of springtime. No points, just a way for us to determine who's pitching and who's catching tonight.

[color="Teal"][i][b]Untitled [Spring][/b][/i]

when Spring
    clouds tear
like a bit of bread

    sun peels through them and
it's just    wonderful
spider on my bedroom window

    his brittle legs

           crocuses blooming next door
        every girl's a virgin
        and my poems
    go down


Our march begins

and as I stalk the grey ground hog,
the conifers vibrate in place.

After it is coaxed out,
I shall open its flesh,
Pandora's bloody box,
and release
crystal-blue water and green grass

As the water wheel proceeds
to complete his mother's dream
-- baby steps --
a realization is set in snow
of the fall occurring
one Earth away.

Marching in place
with blurs
of blue lips
and green eyes.
First. I thought the virgin line was smart writing.

However that's not to say I disliked green, It was a nice read, however I just prefer the first ones content to it.