Decided to pull out a BB Gun in front of our school and point it at a car. Putting 2 schools, my school Hillwood, and the school across the street, Parkwood Hill on lockdown for 45 minutes. They said it was possibly a kid from my school.

Thank god it wasn't a real gun, but this kid deserves to be given some heavy punishment. BB Guns can still hurt you pretty badly.

That was a close call....


The cops did get him, and he is in custody.
I think it's stupid that they shut down the school cos a kid had a BB gun. Where are our balls these days, anyway?
I kinda like lockdown drills, no work, just talk with the lights off, I usualy just sit tight next to my girlfriend anyways when they do happen cause she gets freaked out
"This is The End, beautiful friend, The End"
I got hit just below the eye with a BB gun once.

Lucky escape really.