What are ya'lls favorite kind of laid back song similar to the RHCP style? Thanks in advance.
All of stadium arcadium is pretty laid back, it's an intense album. I'm not talking about just the singles off of it either, the WHOLE thing from first to last track is insane. The chili peppers are one of the greatest rock bands. They've been doin this shit since 1983-84, it irritates me how people think that they are a band that started in the '90s because it is soo not true.

Song on stadium arcadium to check out....

Make you feel better
Desecration smile
wet sand
she looks to me
storm in a teacup (not laid back but pretty friggan sick)
hard to concentrate
hey (not snow, 2 seperate songs)
Hey totally fits the bill.
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Actually, I was kind of wondering of songs by other artists that are similar to the style of the RHCP, but thanks anyway.