those are some pretty wierd effects in the song. i dont really care for the song as a whole but the effects are pretty cool. it seems way too repetetive for me. maybe its just the effect but it doesnt really seem to go anywhere. maybe it changes more than i realize but it sounds to me like its just slight variations in the music throughout.

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i like the effec sounds really different, it did get a lil repetative after a while, so maybe change it up in some spots, but i liked it keep it up

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I like the effects alot, this kind of music gets me thinking about all the possibilities of recording, and makes me wanna do it!

I know it's not easy to configure the effects and such so it sounds good, or at least, I don't don't find it easy.

It does get a repetative though as theres no hint of melody or riff but I do line how you build things up. I also like the atmosphere this kind of music creates.

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