First work in a little while...don't hold back. Tear me to shreds and tell me how it sucks, but please tell me how to fix it aswell. Note, influenced by quite a few bands, and it's easy to tell when listening. I'd say AX7, Rise Against, and maybe even a little Sum 41 would be a safe glimpse at what inspired this little piece. Either way, tell me what you think.
Almost sounds like something from the 80s... or Bad Religion... lol. It's very Rise Against and i love that about it. The lead in the chorus shouldn't've rang because it was muddyed up. you could hear it well... Let me say. The solo was very A7x ISH. yours was in key, theres never are. i like the solo lots. I'm proud. this was well done.

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I agree with what CaptainXero said about the muddied chorus, but I really can't find anything else wrong with it. You seemed down on the song in your post, so I didn't really expect anything good... pleasent surprise! Good job.
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Wow...I liked that a lot. Although I don't completely agree with Captain Xero (I'm an A7X fan, and come on, Pantera...they used nothing but the chromatic in their solos and they kicked ass ), I do agree that the solo was pretty sweet. I like the chorus line a lot, but I also think you should take out the ring. The pre-chorus reminds me so much of the chorus of Tears Don't Fall by Bullet for my Valentine. The verse was definitely very catchy. I don't think anyones gonna be tearing you to shreds on this one.

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That intro riff reminded me of crazy train but it succeeds in having its own structure so thats a good thing. Prechorus and chorus are definatly VERY catchy, i can hear the vocals over the chorus in my head. Great solo too, not often found in this style of music and it compliments the song nicely. The only thing i would say is perhaps take out that last chord at the end in bar 99 and just end with the harmony in bar 98. Other then that good job.

i'll give you a 9/10
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