I like the driving guitar parts at the begginnig. But when the singing comes in, I dunno, the guitar part to it is a little screechy.

But other than that. I love it

Good job,, def shows 3 months of work. i can see where it would.
lol the inspiration is riight in the background.
I must say the vocals are bad, looks like it's a kid singing !
If you see a poor child, don't give a fish, give him a guitar.
thanks guys., i'm chuffed i really didn't know what to expect

and i thought so too about the screechy guitar. it doesn't sound like that on my amp but it does in the recording :S but we're redoing the song anyways and we're gonna sort that

and i know i sound like a kid. which is quite annoying. and no one i knew agreed with me
and the other vocalist is only 13, so yeah lol