Since the JVM and the new Vintage Modern have been released, I was wondering how they stack up against the 1959slp Plexi reissue? Everywhere keeps telling me that they can replicate the Plexi's tones, but I can't find anywhere to peresonally try each one of them out. Since they're all around the same price, I don't know which head would excell at which sounds. I'm not interested in heavy metal, punk, or jazzy tones. A very nice clean is a must. The Plexi is a good benchmark for me, I prefer classic rock tones from the 60s and 70s as in Hendrix, Cream, Zeppelin etc... I've already searched and read what I could on this site, any personal recommendations or info would be appreciated.
to be honest, as good as these new marshalls may be, i personally haven't tried them so i can't vouch for them, if you say you like the tone of a plexi, then go for it - if you've got the money, why not? if its a plexi tone you want then nothing can do the tone of a cranked plexi better than a cranked plexi, i say don't worry about the new marshalls and go for a plexi - you wont regret it all i'm sure.
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the original Plexi is the way to go. Make sure you get a master installed and use a good cab
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Look into a plexi reissue possibly.. I heard some clips of the vintage modern and wasnt impressed tbh, but i cant really go by just that like.. I would recomend playing a few, and look into some oranges too like the thunderverb..
I'm leaning towards the Plexi. I dont really gig, but a real vintage one is probably a bit too pricey for me. I've heard that the Reissue 1959slp is brighter and different sounding than the original's from the late 60s. I've also heard the handwired 1959hw is closer to the original in parts, but some have said that even this differs in sound (and price). Is that true in either case? And I'm not beyond making modifications to an amp to get the desired or period-correct tone, so would there be anything I could do to get a spot-on late 60's plexi tone out of a reissue?
Anyone know anything about how the 1959slp reissue compares with the original 68-69 SLP plexi? How about with a mod to the output transformer?