Yeah, trying to get some Wilco demo's, and they are apparently .rar files?

What are those? And how do I get them to play?

Also, same with .flac files?
.rar files are compressed files, I believe you can open them with WinRAR, just google it, you'll find a free download somewhere. I dont know about .flac though sorry.
WinACE is better. It'll open anything. and it's free.
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flac is an audio codec....<_< Click Me!


what file types won't be opened by winrar? ^__^
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^That's correct

And .flacs are lossless audio files (usually VERY large files) often found in torrents of live concerts/bootlegs etc.

These require special plugins to be played, and can easily be converted to mp3 with numerous free programs, although this will sacrifice some sound quality (ultimately make them NOT lossless).
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You need WinRAR, and I'm fairly sure the trial time doesn't matter. I've had it for a while now, and not had anything telling me I can't use it. It also opens .zip files.
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.rar are like .zip files, you'll need winrar or something to unpack though. I got a free trial from download.com that was supposed to last 40 days but I've had for much longer.

LOL yeah, I've had it for like a year now and it's still free
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After the trial period it just makes you wait a little longer to open it and encourages you to buy it. You can still use it though..