How did you learn to play the guitar? Self taught or with a teacher?

As for me, I'm learning with a teacher. I started out by myself though. (Still not very good though eheh...)
Im self taught. Which is a shame cos i know very little theory really, just a few scales. I want lessons still but there expensive.
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When i was about twelve untill i was fourteen i took lessons but like most kids i had a short attention span and gave it up. Now I'm 18 and have tried to teach my self since August and i was waaay better when i was a kid, wish i never gave it up. You learn so much faster with lessons.
I took lessons for the first year and a bit until my guitar teachers dad passed away. Since then Ive been self taught although I know quite a bit of theory. I play guitar in the jazz band so I need to know stuff.
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I learned guitar under a teacher for a year.

Since then, I'm self-taught, but I've been playing for a few years in ensembles under coaches or teachers. So, while I'm not getting one-on-one guitar instruction, I'm still learning some things about playing in an ensemble.

If we include theory, I learn some on my own, but most from teachers.
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A teacher. Still. Even though they're more like jam sessions haha.

EHDEET: Well, what I should say, is I'm both. Self taught because I'm constantly reading theory, learning and playing it. Then I go to lessons once a week learning even MORE.

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Apart from a few lessons I've had with a bedroom shredder "teacher", i'm self taught. Most people will argue to get a teacher, but i think learning without it ok as long as you have a reliable source of information to teach yourself, and not leave out theory.
Me take lessons from good teacher. He show me theory stuff. Me show self theory stuff at home. So, its good. And sometimes he has a sub who comes in and just shows me songs, which is fun. Me in caveman mood today.
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While lessons are very effective, I know, I prefer self-teaching. I've been serious about 8 months or so, and I'm all ready developing my own style of play. Self-teaching leaves almost no influence on who i sound like.
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learned on my own for about 2 months, which was nice just to mess around on guitar, learn riffs, become fluid with it, then i started lessons, and from day one of my lessons ive learned theory, and really all my teacher has done is shown me doorways, taught me the basics on them, and let me run nuts with the stuff, then come back to things 2 months later and give me a couple advanced riffs

hes done that with legato, tapping, sweeping, and string skipping

its nice, it lets me choose how i wanna get to where i wanna be, and what level i wanna be at with things
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Self-taught, been playing for a year. I've never had a teacher, so I've nothing to compare it to, but my progress is quite goodfor a first year. It's where I want to be at least, and it should only increase.
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self taught at first, then teacher when I was ready to learn.
self taught all the way. ive been playing for a year now and do pantera and dragonforce and metallica and gnr and kiss and all that good stuff. im not a big fan of poeple telling you how to do something, giving you a guideline to follow and only showing you the way they know. i taught my self 100% and i have a unique style. i recently dide voodoo child at school, i played with my teeth, behind my head, and unside down (aka over the deck) and poeple were impressed. especially when i said i had only been playing a year. guitar stores are usually impressed to when you do stuff like no boundaries by michael angelo...ane they are like sweet...how long you been playing..idk..11 months about. usually they are impressed. found few people that arent. bi-ah! i wish i knew how to upload my stuff on to the computer, ive written a few songs that are really cool, recorded them on audacity, but the mp3 lame encoder thingy wont work
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Im entirely self-taught, and one of the best guitarists in my school if i may be allowed to say so myself. I've been playing electric guitar for only about a year and 8 months, but i had been playing acoustic for about 2-ish years before that.
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