Most people don't like my stuff because sometimes I don't use symbolism or abstract thoughts or lines that rhyme. But I really enjoy it when someone can put some very literal words and thoughts together and turn it into something beautiful. That is why I enjoy Owen, Hayden, Mineral, Cursive, bands like that so much. Maybe that will explain what I am trying to do here. Its not that I am trying to immitate them, but after 6 years of writing these things, I still haven't found my style.

Candy is Dandy, but...

I know I shouldn't drive home tonight.
I know I've had a few to many,
And I know it sounds a bit crazy.
But I'd rather sleep in my own bed tonight.

The first move is the hardest,
one to make.
Especially, if I'm too sober,
And you are bearable.

I would rather have way to many
and make a mistake.
Then to take a chance,
and talk about it,
and try to make it work.

I know I shouldn't drive home tonight.
I think I might take a chance
to get out of these torn pants,
and stumble my way into yours.


I think it was pretty neat, yeah I kind of like it
What the hell is wrong with Bobby Hill