Okay, this is my first post, so please be gentle :P

I'm 14 years old, and as we all know, my age group as a whole tries to be gentle with things that we hold dear to us, but mess them up anyway.

I have a BC Rich Korean Warlock. Specifically which, I dunno, I just know I have the higher up one.

The little part where you plug in your cable got pushed in, and I couldn't fish it out. I unscrewed the plate that covers it and plugged my cable into it. When I was done, and I pulled my cable out, the little plug in part ripped off the wire.

I know it's a bad thing, but how bad is it? It looks like it'd be an easy wiring job, but how hard would it to fix, how much would it cost to fix it (if I or my Step-dad doesn't do it), what would they/i/he do to fix it, and how badly did I muck up my guitar?

Oh well, I'll be appreciating any answer given, even if it is a flame.


-Karl P.
If I am understanding this right, you just need to re-solder it. This is nothing serious just takes a little bit of experience to solder I guess but you should be able to do it or your step dad should be able to.
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Okay, I think I'm talking 'bout this part.

It was on a wire covered by a plate. I took the plate off, because I accidently pushed it in. When I pulled it out, it fell off.
just solder the basturd on again........
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