Two months ago I purchased a really nice used 50 Watt Marshall JCM 900 head and an avatar cab. While I think the tone of it is great for more modern rock stuff I think I may have bought it more on an impulse instead of fully thinking it through(I tend to do this a lot, character flaw). Since then I have really started practicing heavily and I have found myself getting into a wider variety of music (Metal, classic rock, Progressive, Indie) I'm thinking of selling the JCM 900 but i'm unsure where to go from here. I probably won't be playing live anytime soon, and whatever I look into has to be pretty versatile for all kinds of rock music. Since i'll be in an apartment next year for school it also has to be pretty quiet, and I also have a friend who lives in West Virginia so I would like to be able to record also so I can exchange files with him over the internet.

So far I have considered the Line 6 PODxt but any other suggestions are more than welcome.

My Gear
Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Duncan SH-6 in bridge)
Fender 50's Stratocaster (Duncan Hotrails in bridge)
Fender Standard Telecaster (Fender SCN Pickups)
Marshall JCM 900 4500
Vox DA5