...I really don't care what genre... I have a 4 string, buying a 5 string this weekend... i'm 16... live in barrie...
barrie. Damn I'm from london Ontario and lookin for a band

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I'm going to keep you in mind. I'm roughly 30minutes from you (Woodbridge), just trying to see how my band is going to shape up over the next few weeks. We're in a bit of a rut.
my band is looking for a bassist but we live in richmondhil ontario(not far from toronto) i think it's 2 far but w/e.
we play grunge/clasic rock
we just need a bassist that understand's what being a bassist is and is ok with writting the bass wile my guitarist and i write the rest
i'm lookin for a metal band in barrie hard to find but yeah i do screaming/death growls