So this is just a quickie song I done in a few minutes, so expect a few mistakes... its a very vocal based song so theirs nothing too technical guitar wise... and yes the drums are boring...
Thanks man!! Ya Im so tempted to record vocals to it!! But I cant write lyrics so lol...
hey man... well for a pop-rock song it sounds good overall. The guitar sounds good and works well. As you said the drums are pretty repetitive and boring but thats fine. Once you have vocals in it that's what's going to make or break your song. Don't worry too much about lyrics anyway, just whip something together.

check out my song:
Thanks, yeah the drums really suck... but its really only a guide for me and over the summer I will have a proper band recording so!! Ya I mite try the vocals over the weekend, because my voice is pretty suited, but Im very self concious of my voice so I will end up NEVER completing it!!
Thanks so far guys!!
i like the idea, especially in the intro/first "verse." i do think it gets a tad repetitive after that though. changing the non-staccato part to a different chord progression would be huge in allieviating that repitition. perhaps going into the chorus earlier (the part with octaves later in the song, i'm meaning).

the bridge and outro sound really really wicked. i love the little break going into the tremolo picking part.

the drum sounds do suck though haha. it'd sound great with real drums and vocals though.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=548291
haha stop dude, better than nothing tho! lol

But ya thanks guys, I will eventually go back and play more with it eventually!!
So keep the comments coming guys!
Really well played I must say, and really good recorded. But it gets boring at times. Vocals please
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Really enjoyed it.. a bit repetitive and could use some vocals but you already heard that a billion times. I like. I'll keep checking back to see what it ends up like.
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