Compelling title, eh? If any of you here are frequenters to the cover songs forum, you'll know me as the nerd who covers Mario and Zelda songs! I'm quite proud of that title, actually.
Anyway, I'm starting work on a concept album based on the NES game Air Fortress. The album will be composed of some covers of tunes from the game, but the majority of it will be original material written by me. It's all instrumental, and the album follows the whole nerdy storyline of the incredibly awesome game (read the synopsis here if you want, courtesy of Wikipedia!)
My album opens with an "Overture," which is a cover of the song you hear right when you start up the NES game itself! But after that comes this song, "Venture Into Space/Incoming Fortresses," which (as my album's liner notes will explain) follows the part of the story where the people of the planet Farmel send out spacecraft, having just discovered space travel, only to find that they're in the path of some huge and mean air fortresses! Good story. My song tries to capture that, starting quiet and somber to represent the boring void of space, and then about 2 minutes in the air fortresses are discovered! Ahhhh!!!
Anyway, sorry for all the nerdy backstory. Just wanted to give you a little inside scoop, because this is the first time I'm presenting this song to anyone online. Let me know what you think! And if you're an Air Fortress nerd, even better!

Here's the link (you should find it at the bottom right-hand corner of the page). I appreciate any feedback!