Heres a new riff Ive been working on (I couldnt think of what to call it...), its got some pretty crazy picking in it. Crit for crit

"A Faster Riff"
Not bad, but really doesn't lead to anything. What the frick is the tempo for that thing.. your picking hand was having a seizure yo.
Haha the tempo was 160 bpm and i was kind of doing string skipping/changing triplets (I dont know how to describe it, like at the beginning of Shedding Skin by Pantera)
Oh, makes sense now.. but from the looks of the video, I'd say you were just freaking out. Keep it in key maybe, scale, mode... something? Sounded a little off.. Kinda randomnoteness..
Thanks for the comments, it is played on a scale though, im not sure what key (im bad with theory)
Thanks for the crits

I was just recording straight into my computer from my Pandoras Box, not mic'ing an amp or anything, its just a distorted sound I made. I usually am pretty relaxed when I play but the picking for this riff is quite demanding, its all triplets changing strings and shit at 160 bpm. I could probably make a better recording of it, you can definately hear the picking pattern though, maybe just listen to it twice so you have an idea of the direction in which the riff is going (if that makes sense... i dono its 4am and my girlfriend just went home and we were starting to act kinda crazy)
I liked the riff, It didn't sound random to me, it was quite neo-classical. you might be using the harmnic minor scale. The distortion sounded quite muddy which made some of the notes un-clear but that might just be your recording circumstances. Good jobe though.

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Firts, I find it ironic how I'm wearing the exact same pantera shirt right now that you're wearing in the video. Tyhe riff was very goog, imo. It wasn't a generic power chord progression that I hear a lot, I just think it needs something really heavy to follow it up. It would probably sound better if you re-recorded it with better quality and people might get a larger sense of the riff. Overall, very well done. Crit mine? Sadly, it hasn't recieved a single comment. My song
Suggestion....if you're hand is "freaking out", why don't you use alternate picking? Also this riff is begging to be tremolo picked...
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