So im hoping I get accepted into the media school next year at my old highschool that I went to last year. I havn't applyed yet, but they are really needy of talent, musically and stuff liek that. So im hoping I get to go(after its all done with my parents bitching about the price) and if they pick me, my musical experience and music production(My techno and ability to produce other genre's will hopefully lead me to the road of success for being a musician. I would also be interested in a film career on the side of being a musician. So I can bring in the bucks for equipment and more guitars! My parents are really dumb though, and told me even if i do get accepted and the price is too high i wont be able to go. Its the whole semester you get all 5 credits(english a30 and b30 and physics and stuff like that) then my grade 11 second semester will be my 5 mandatory classes for graduation.

My parents can be asswholes and if I miss out on this oppertunity just because it costs like 100-300 or so dollars (the price of going to school itself can be like 100-200 dollars sometimes) then that will be an oppertunity lost and I really dont wanna miss out on this. I can always just repay my parents back in the future anyways.

So should I be mad if my parents dont let me go? And if I dont get accepted thats fine, my grades are pretty shitty and they only allow like 24 people to be in it from a whole bunch of schools.
uh, i won't decide whether or not you should be mad at your parents, but it doesn't seem like a bad opportunity
I'm going to college for media!,,, anyways...100 to 300 bucks is nothing, just tell them that they'll be paying a lot more than that for college so why not that for high school?
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I don't really think missing this oppurtunity in high school will affect your future as a musician as much. You should definately aim for something like that in college though. However if you really really do want to go and your parents just cant afford it then get off your lazy arse and go make the money yourself (no insult intended, just that that's what my parents would say to me.)
Well, I'm sure if you increased your grades your parents would be more leniant.

How old are you, are you able to get a job, or do some sort of housework for the fam? 100-300 is about 15-40 hours of work at a low student wage. That's just 15 hours a week on avg. to make all the money.
Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
I just applied for the Rudy Perpich Center of Arts Education, pretty much the same thing expect I have to live there and it's about 2 grand. And it's still a high school. Best of luck to yeah man.

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Yeah if my parents dont pay for it that will be gay, musics what i want to pursue but to be able to help apply them to film stuff would be an oppertunity that would look great on my resume. I just hate how my parents have never supported my music. When I told them about music and shit, and I said I could make alot of money/ become a famous songwriter/music producer(techno/whatever else i decide to produce). They told me that the chances of that were like 1 in 10,000. That hurt me alot this was like when i was 12. Iv always wanted my music to be heard and shit. You can check my techno out if you want. Me and Overscore(co producer) made these songs their old like a year and 2 years old...www.thecrackerclub.com/djsongs It may seem like im whining and I sorta am its just Iv had a shitty childhood my whole life, my dads super rich he earned his way up the block. From poor and knew nothing about computers to now, rich and pretty much second coming bill gates. Its retarded how iv been grounded most of my life. My parents think that they can make me happy and shit with all this technology but its not worth a shit if they take it all away when i get grounded. I deserved most of it but still. So thats why when i have the cash to buy a car in ontario/toronto that area. Im going to save for a apartment and guitar gear/guitars/all that dj stuff. Im goign to quit ranting on and on about all this but im a very dedicated musician and its going to stay that way no matter what until i die. I will never cease creating sounds till I die. This may sound like bullshit this whole musician stuff and you may be thinking hes never got a chance but when people make those assumptions it makes it easier for me to succeed. anyways yeah just thought id write about this. sorry its reall long