When using a heavy dose of distortion effects so your signal is more processed than a Kraft Single, does it really matter whether you're using a high end guitar or a cheapo $150-$200 guitar or do most people just really believe it does?

btw, i'm not talking about an utter crap guitar. I mean somethin decent, just not high end.
Depends, do you like the feel of it? Any probably not...it'll probably just kill offf all the invidividual tone from the amp and guitar and just be all clutered...which isn't too good imo.
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Well the wood and pickups are still important, cause that's what pretty much starts up the signal...
And I'm lovin' the Kraft Single comment.
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the pickups are definetely important. Kudos on the cheese.
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So what your asking is: If you have more distortion poured in than Slipknot, Cannibal Corpse and Local Radio put together, would the quality of the guitar still matter? I would say as long as it was a humbucker and decent wood and you could actually keep the guitar from falling apart id say no. It wouldnt matter cause only 14 year olds who think the amount of distortion you have is the measure of your skill are gonna be the only ones who would wanna hear it anyway.
Everything affects tone, EVERYTHING.
Your definately going to get a darker sound playing an EMG set in a mahagony body than some shitty single coils in a piece of plywood.
I use digital effects (ME50) on my two guitars, and you can clearly hear the difference between the Mahagony with EMGs and a set neck and the Basswood with DiMizarios and a bolt on.
not really. but if u play some other things it will matter though. and depends on how u like it.
Heavy effects... I doubt you could tell what type of guitar was being used honestly.
the pickups will definatly make a difference. i have a fender HSS and a epiphone LP studio. ther quality and tightness and overall sound is a million times better with the fender. (it better be if cost 4 times the amount of the epi). and thats wen i would turn up my MD2 to the max just to make noise and make fun of extreme metal.
I can easily tell the difference between running my Epi and strat copy thru tons of chorusing, delay, reverb, and distortion. Both are very different.
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Quote by Pleiadian
Well the wood and pickups are still important, cause that's what pretty much starts up the signal...
And I'm lovin' the Kraft Single comment.

lol, thanks...good point too