Hi, I'm thinking about buying a new body and a new neck for my strat, for the body I've been thinking this:


But I really have no idea for the neck, I want something really nice, with a rosewood fretboard. Are there any other better neck or body choices available?

I'm trying to get as close to a '62 Re issue strat as possible, except with a vintage white body.
Wow, those prices are so low compared to WD. Is there a huge difference in quality?
if you want the best you can get for about 400 they have a solid slab of indian rosewood cut into a strat neck at warmoth.com very..very.. nice, but you can just get replacement necks from stewmac, or what experiment said, mighty mites are good too
I wouldn't know. I just know that I saw those prices and almost shit myself because I thought there was no way they could sell stuff that cheap. But TNT is very highly rated on ebay.

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