on an Epiphone Les Paul Special ll..which strings are good that can be used for any music?is changing the strings a hard task and are there any problems that can occur when your changing them?also when you change them one-by-one do you tune that one string or do you change all of them and then tune them at once?thanks.
its not that hard just make sure you put them in so that when you spin the tuner towards you, it loosens the string, and it doesnt really matter if you tune them all at once or together
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swap them one at a time. unlees u're good at setting up ur guitar.

there are less set up problems this way.

stick with a gauge similar to what's on there now.

when u run a string up the fretboard towards the tuner, measure a couple inches past the tuner and put a kink in the string there. then thread the string thru up to that kink only.

this will leave the string very floppy, until u wind it up. ull get 2-3 good winds out of it that way.

make sure u hold the string as u wind and put each wrap lower than the first.

any other questions, there;s a Q and A thread at the top of the basics section.

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Set up Questions? ...Q & A Thread

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