I would like to seek help about setting up my effects chain.

Currently on my pedal board, I have (in this order):

Boss PW-10
Boss CS-3
Boss ML-2
Boss CH-1

I am getting hiss/noise when I up the drive on the PW-10 halfway through while the CS-3 is engaged. I do 50/50 lead and rhythm, I guess this is why I set up my pedals this way.

Anyway, I'm not sure if this is needed but my Washburn WI64DL is plugged into a Fender 112 Deluxe (I know most of you have the nicest equipment out there but no shame here since these are what I can afford ).

Just need your help. Thanks in advance!
all are setup correctly.. check the chord. and the cs-3 is noisy. specially when the sustainer is cranked up..

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will the boss ns-2 fix my problem? if yes, where in my effects chain will it best go?