yeah.... not a lot required to play high gain nothingness (though i am a die-hard grunge fan, i admit to its lack of.. everything tonewise) you probably wanna get a humbucker that has a high output.. and thats about it.
um.. i'm not really the one to suggest much... but a seymour duncan SH-6 is nice for lots of overdrive/distortion without going over board. someone else might be able to give you better suggestions though.
buy one of the grunge overdrive thingys in musicians friend... hang on ill link it.. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/DigiTech-Grunge-Distortion-Pedal?sku=150834 if thats any help too ya. tis only 40 bucks.
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yeah i had to borrow that pedal a while back for a gig... it was nice.. it impressed me how well it worked cause i didnt expect much out of it at first. as long as you are soley using it for grunge the digitech pedal is your best bet.