It's in great condition, just a little dirty from fingerprints and such (glossy black paint really brings them out). Plays great, looks pretty much new if you wipe it down. Has abalone all over the place: bindings, on the knobs, crazy 2 layer chevron inlays all up the neck. Its pretty decked out. The artist edition has USA Seymour Duncan 59' and JB pickups. They sound awesome. Has a 5 way selector switch for coil tapping on both pickups. Looks great, plays great. Schecter never dissapoints. The end, buy it.

This one looks exactly like the one pictured here:


if you want pics though leave your email and I'll send some but its really pointless because there are no finish flaws on mine.

I'm asking $330+ship
hmmm ive been looking for a schecter c1 artist
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5)PROFIT (and an army of internet fanboys)
by no chance is it left handed? If it is I will take it if its in good shape.
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Ugh, I just paid 400 for mine, shipped.

Good luck selling, it's a sweet guitar!