I have been casually shopping for a guitar for about a month now and I'm getting really tired of it. Everytime I go to buy I here a lots of complaints about the guitar I want. I have also had to scale back my budget so I can't go over $300 on everything. I have changed my mind so many times it's rediculus. Right now I am going with this:


and this


It's definatly not great but I think it's good enough and I love the way it looks.

I was playing(at least what it said on the tag) an Epiphone Special (not the II) at the store and it was good enough for me. I think It had Epiphone at the top of the headstock Special in the middle and Gibson on the truss rod cover. I probaly would have bought it but it was 300 which is rediclous for a Special. Does anyone know what exact model I was playing because if it is similar to the Special II i'll get the II.

Plus if I got that guitar might still have cash left over for a little better amp or some cheap Dancelectro FAB pedals.
i wouldnt get that les paul...what i would do is buy a v for 500$, save some money then buy the amp...but thats just me. ive heard good things about the cuge amps too.
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No matter what you are deciding on, someone's going to say something bad about it. It's just the way people are. Get the guitar that YOU want, not what others tell you to get. Reviews are good to get a general scope of a product, but don't take them seriously. Most people who say something is bad usually have never owned it, or they didn't know what they were doing, and thought the product was crap. Go with your gut.
^..yep. another thing is never absolutly NEVER ask someone in a store that doesnt carry the brand you want...in this case epiphone...about that brand. they will say it is 100% crap and to buy the crappiest guitar they have. i went to a guitar shop recently nad asked about a gibson les paul. he said they were 100% crap no good worthless...and to buy his $300 chineese made rip off brand. yeah. i also asked another store about fenders, and they said, mey, fender is the crappiest brand you can buy...the american made,, mey still crap...now look at this $100 chineese import we've got...pretty nifty huh? i asked another store about ibanez...ibanez? those are crap...how about a nice american fender?
basicly. try them all get what you want. dont let ANYONE talk you into anything different, because the people selling them ive found, personally could care less about you. they just want to sell you whatever they have, take your $, and never see you again. i dont like les pauls, im more of a telecaster man myself. but if you have tryed your options in your price range and you like it....buy it. forget what everybody else thinks. go with what you like best....
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Better than hooked on crack, I suppose. I'd rather know my kids are safe at home beating their meat than out in the world robbing old women for their crack fix.

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What a huge coincidence. I have a butthole also.
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i would save more money and get a better amp, like a marshall, it would be better in the long run
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and if youre going to get the roland, go for a microcube instead, the cube 15 sucks, but the microcube is incredible.
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I just recently settled on my first equipment as well and I'm very happy with it. Like you, I was looking for at LEAST a month, online and off, and people would have a problem with every damn guitar I looked at, that's just how it is. Like everyone else said, just buy what you like, that's really what matters.
So I think I am going to ge the special II. Can anyone give me some info on the second half of my post about the model I tried, and getting a better amp/cheap pedals.
I love my Roland Cube 20x. The features it offers makes it a no brainer decision over the 15x. Micro is great too from what I read. Just don't get a Strat pack as the Frontman 15G amp sux big time.
I've got a special II, it's not a bad starter guitar, especially compared to things like Squier Strats. unfortunately i know nothing about amps so i can't advise you there, but the Special II isn't a bad choice.
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So i think I am gunna buy the Special II with the Roland 20x tonight.

Edit: I am buying the extra Performance Guarantee on the guitar and amp. Does anyone know if I buy it online I can bring it into the the Guitar Center store near me for repairs and returns if it sux? I would buy it at the store but they don't have the model I want.
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