why does everyone bash on bands like acdc and greenday? lets go back in time for a second... music was invented as a form of entertainment. ok? as far as i can see, bands like greenday and acdc are maby not the best musically, their songs may only be 3 chords, but they are great entertaiers. im not saying they are the greatest bands of all time or anything, but ypu hould respect them because they have a successful career as a musician and i dont see any of guys making mony like thim so please STOP HATEING!!
this thread makes me angry

Edit: well greenday "soldout" and went mainstream which is why alot of people hate them... and idk why people hate ac/dc personally love them...
Free speech can be a bitch sometimes, eh?

Exercise your right to it and bash other bands bro.
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I saw Green Day live and I would have to disagree with you in that they are in fact terrible entertainers. Also, learn to spell.
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