Incredibly funny video.

Dad: "What is this crap your watching? I wanna watch the news!"
Posehn: "This is the News!!!!"
Dad: "....no it's not, it's a music video *throws remote*"
Posehn: "wahahahaha!"
Dad: "Wheenalawheenalawheenala, how do you like that?"
Posehn: "You're the news! You are!"
Dad: "Ahaha!"

One of the best parts. well, that and the point from the mosh pit on.

my favorite line:

"They killed metal twice,
but it never really died.
It's kinda like a zombie,
or even that jesus guy."

Posehn = \m/ >_< \m/
Best part was when he described the shirtless guy who is insane. HE IS EVERYWHERE. every moshpit there is a shirtless guy with really long hair. I hate that guy.
I felt like a monster reincarnation of Horatio Alger......a man on the move and just sick enough to be totally confident.

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Oh and Zeke, i find you to be over-rated
Him describing the pits is amazing. Theres that fat mexican guy and he looks PISSED. Haha

this never gets old.

"here comes the breakdown! oooooooh! ah i MISSED it!"

"they all can suck my ... penis!"
Brian Posehn + Scott Ian =

"Watch out for the screamo kids trying their karate kicks, dude you look gay-tarded"
666 BRO
i love this. it gets funnier each time.
[22:33] ben: Yesterday I was gonna eat a shitload of candy but I forgot.
This video is more metal than just about all the shite emocore/metalcore out there.