Thanks in advance

If it matters, I wanted to get Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, Battery, Blitzkreig, Seek and Destry (Metallica), and Pet (A Perfect Circle)
you mean vocals?

not really.
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nope. sorry.

but you can try getting backing tracks, which are basically songs rerecorded by someone without some crucial instrument.
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I believe you can get programs and things that remove vocals, but they don't work for all songs. They take out everything panned in the middle, which singing typically is, however not always, and sometimes reverb on singers is panned to a side. So they don't work perfectly but for the most part they aren't too bad.
Oh, it's possible. It's not easy*, but with certain software (Adobe Audition maybe?) + time and effort, bingo... I wouldn't recommend trying it though, I imagine it's very difficult.