I currently am in a band, playing general rock/pop-punk styled originals, but have decided to go on a little search for maybe more dedicated bandmates with similiar interests.
Am currently looking for a drummer in the GTA. (Kinda guitarists too, but mostly a drummer). My bassist and I are in Woodbridge (about 30minutes north of Toronto). Influence derive from all over, but are mainly interested in playing modern rock/alt/pop-punk stuff. (Yeah, I know, kinda vague, but whatever).
Post reply here or you can send an e-mail

My name's Jaimee, by the way. Sixteen going on seventeen, female guitarist. Julian is the bassist, same age, obviously male. Just clearing up any possible confusion.

Have recieved quite a few replies, but would just like to emphasize the need for a drummer. Come on GTA drummers, there's gotta be a few of you!