A Punk-Christian band? And right when I thought I had seen it all...

Anyways, it sounds pretty good. Just don't put it in anything unless it flows perfectly with it.
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Lol, well, wouldn't you count Relient K, and MXPX as punk christian bands?

Anyways, I like your song a lot. No complaints, I'd really like to hear it with vocals! Keep it up!
Sorry, where I come from Punk is strictly Atheist/Anarchist and such. But yes, you do make a good point.

I like your other stuff a lot, too. Especially "Judgment Day". Would you mind telling what you're using as a recording device?
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I use an M-audio Fastrack(which has a usb port) and a Pod 2.0. If you have any questions I'll be more than happy to answer them!

HAHAHA. I'm glad you liked my stuff, even though I'm a Christian.
If you have AIM, send me your s/n. It'd be easier to talk through that, plus UG won't be breathing down our necks for going off topic.

I would talk to you on MySpace, but I deleted mine last Sunday.
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i like it a lot, even if it gets a bit repetitive. it reminds me of something off of sing the sorrow by afi. kinda like leaving song pt 1 or something.

i think it would sound really cool with some heavy guitar at the very end if it was extended by a few minutes. especially if you throw in a huge crescendo right before it.

good job though.
the main riff is pretty cool. it reminds me alot of the riff in "We Looked Like Giants" by Death Cab for CUtie except turned alot gloomier and hardcore. At some points when you have the echoes going and the other lines it gets abit messy but overall it sounds pretty sweet. It'd be pretty cool to see what you have planned for the rest of the song.

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It's a nice riff, very melancholy. This could be the start of some epic type thing, the name "judgement day" certainely suggest that!

The echo effect makes for an interesting sound but you might want to sacrifice that for simplicitiy's sake.

Speaking of epic, mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=545043
I didn't like the time on it. It sounded almost like certain spots were being looped wrong to me. You could fix some of the timing a bit, but it's cool. Your song though, so obviously don't have to do that.
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i did like this, the timing did seem a little bit off in a few places. but, the whole piece is kinda a loose freetime feel, so it was probably fine. youve got an incredibly thick guitar tone, that should work much to your advantage for your style of music. the actual music was good, its got a great melancholy feel to it. not that anybody really cares, but it reminded me a little of the intro from sum 41's chuck album. still, good stuff, keep it up. and thanks for the crit on mine.
pretty cool dude

Could be longer and try adjusting the delay , it wasnt quite in time , also try to sync the left part with the right one better.
Otherwise good idea
I don't know if I'm the only one, but I think it would sound great with some ambient background stuff, perhaps a few slow kinda synthy-violin type notees? Don't know if you'd be able to do it, but I think it'd fit.

I liked the feel it had though. Just there was something odd about it, perhaps the timing, that made it feel like it was missing something, if you get me.
Thanks! I know what you mean....some of my friends said it sounded empty like it was missing something too. Maybe it's because there's no drums? But anyways, I'd love to do an ambient background but I'm not really sure how to.