fenders are really good acoustics, and some of them are pretty cheap.

epiphone is good too, unless you buy it online.... they have a bad habit of selling lemons online.
is a acoustic Taylor and a Yamaha guitar good?
or the fenders and the epiphone better?
I have a Yamaha FG750s which I love very much.

But I started out with a Fender Squier. It's an ok guitar.. Had to lower the bridge cuz it was too high. I say it's a good beginner guitar cuz its cheap and sounds ok. Fender is a good beginner guitar-cheap- and You dont know if you going to stick with guitar. Or you might change your mind later on the road and switch to electrics
yes, Taylor and Yamaha make good guitars, though in different price ranges. Yamaha makes fantastic guitars in the under around $600 category and Taylor makes fantastic guitars in the over $800 category. Fender acoustics typically don't compare too well with guitars from other manufacturers in similar price ranges when looking at build quality and tone. Epiphone is kind of hit or miss... they make some good value guitars though if you do some research.

check out the guitars under $300 thread at the top of the acoustic forum. that's a really good starting place for you if you're looking for your first acoustic.
Yamaha make fantastic guitars, they're low end models are really good value for money so you should definitely check them out. Also check out the thread that jimtaka mentioned, as it has some other good guitars listed as well