Ok well I got the Schecter C1 Semi-Hollow but it was the the one you could play on the floor and stupid me I didnt get a string change while I was there. I usually use ernie ball slinkys but I like the ones that are on it. Does anyone know what strings schecter uses or can anyone recomened some good strings to replace them.
D'Addario makes the best strings i've ever used. The 9's are great. They last for 3-4 months without sounding dead.
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You cant go wrong with DR Strings. Its impossible i think. They always sound terrific on my guitars. The tite fit are bright with a hint of bassyness wiht i think would work awesomely. Or if your more into it Hi beams are super bright strings with almost no bassyness. Great for punk rock or metal. And as Alexi Laiho says you can beat the living F**k out of your guitar and they still last.