I tried to learn the song a month ago, and stopped playing until today. I've been playing for a few months on and off. I went back and tried to play what I remembered and gave a shot at recording. It sucked overall and I need to practice more on it. Oh well, practice makes perfect. Tell me what you guys think - I tried to combine some SRV and JH along with some of my own notes and style. Oh, the amp is a POS squier that came in a pack for $100. It only has clean and distortion, with nothing else to change, so sound blows.

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your amp makes me want to cry. Get a new one. Other than that, your pretty good, and I like it, and you have a nice guitar.
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Yeah, I should've tuned it after not touching it for a month. LOL :P
I also noticed after watching the video that my shorts were "hanging loose." We wouldn't want anything popping out now, would we?
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