I've been playing guitar for about 3-4 years and I've finally decided to get a portable amp. To share my story, I'm often at school from 7:25 AM - 5:00 PM with not a lot to do in the afternoons, and I figure a miniature amp might be the best-fit option to remedy my problem. After looking around, I've narrowed it down to four different miniature amps that seem like they'll fit. My musical tastes are ranged, but some bands I listen to are Green Day, OKGo, and other such bands.

The four amps I've narrowed it down to are...

Danelectro Bacon n' Eggs
Pros: Smallest Amp, Generally Well Priced, Strong Reviews
Cons: Online Order Only

N10 Honey Tone Danelectro Amp
Link (Image)
Pros: Small, Clips to Belt Buckle, Least Expensive
Cons: Will it suit my musical prefrences and get a good sound?

Marshall MS-2 Mini Amp
Pros: Marshall Reputation, Great Sound!
Cons: None

Marshall MS-4 Mini Stack
Pros: Marshall Reputation, Awesome Design, Good Sound
Cons: Most Expensive, Online Order Only (Shipping Cost)

Can anyone help me out? It would be really, REALLY helpful if you owned one of these and can give a personal experience. Thanks!
i would normally never condone going with marshall amps, but in this case, i suggets the marshall mini amp... not the stack, cause that's pointlessly overpriced
well i own a danelectro estudio honeytone headphone amp and i plug in some headphone speakers into the headphone jack and use a pedal or two and its pretty awesome... it cost me 40 bucks but the usual price is prolly somewhere 'round 50-55
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Isn't the bacon and eggs a flanger?

I like the Pignose 7-100, It has great rock sound, CAN do punk with heavy humbuckers, and it cleans up enough for jazz on 7 on the guitar volume knob with clean, low output pickups. I just need a million cables and then the piggy is going to be a permanent part of my tone.
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Well, only Marshall stacks actually have "Marshall" quality, but their stacks are the best!!!
As for your question, the MS-2 should be the way to go, but consider saving up for a full-size (30-75 watt) amp if your at home most of the time
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Also check out the Vox DA5 and the Roland MiniCube.

amen to that.
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Quote by woodenbandman
Isn't the bacon and eggs a flanger?
From the reviews I've seen, it's been consistently referred to as "distortion plus mini amp!".

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but consider saving up for a full-size (30-75 watt) amp if your at home most of the time
I've got a 30 Watt Line II Spider that I adore.
fender has some amazing ones, i have the mini tone master and love it.
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Eh, if you want to go a little bigger, check out the Roland Microcube. Its 5 watts I think, but it has all the effects you will ever need, and it sounds a lot better than those toy mini amps that they have out. It can also be plugged into a wall, or used with a 9volt battery, so if you are near a socket, you dont have to drain the battery.
Roland Micro Cube ftw...it's so awesome. In fact, my friend uses it to take to school, for jazz band and stuff. It's very portable and sounds great.
I would say Microcube too, cause there's a lot of variety of styles that you can play with, besides, it has effects, headphone jack and cd input. The only downside aside from it sizes is the price, which is much higher than the Marshall Ministack. If you want to check out how it sounds like: http://amlc.dmusic.com/
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Quote by woodenbandman
Isn't the bacon and eggs a flanger?

Actually, the Danelectro Hashbrown is a Flanger, HAS THE IMPROVED FOOD GUIDE PYRAMID TAUGHT YOU NOTHING!?

Kidding. My friend owns both. It's been a while since I used either...

The Hashbrown is actually cool, I like it. Works very nicely for voice or digital drums. But that's off the point.

Since I've only had experience with the Bacon n' Eggs, I'll comment on that. For the price, it's not bad, but you'll soon be disappointed with it. Even compared to a small Fender Frontman, it's very weak. It adds a... Passable Distortion, but I really don't suggest using it as an amp, simply put, it's terrible. Since you've been playing for a while, you should be able to tell that this Danelectro product more than likely won't be up to your standards. Your choice though. I give a nod to the Pignose mentioned earlier, too.
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Microcube is great. 2W though very loud, tons of effects (Chorus, Flanger, Tremelo, Delay, Reverb) 6 models (Acoustic, Clean, Dark Clean, Brit light distort, Classic stack, insane distortion and theres even a possibilty to plug in a mic!). You get a volume and gain and tone knob too with aux input as well as earphone out (1/4" jack). Up to you but its your best bet.

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