I don't even know what happened... I left the house, then I came back home, played my guitar, and now the input is all messed up (I own a Schecter XXX, just for reference):

I plug in... and I just get a HUGE ANNOYING buzz. Some sound comes out but it's very edged up and hard to hear.

I take apart the back of the guitar and look at the input (i've never seen the back of one, so I don't know what it looks like), and there's one stripped wire going to one of the prongs of the input base, and going up to where the wire becomes full there's a bushed up coil of wire so to speak, and when i have the input plugged in, if I fiddle with the wire I'll slowly get sound again.

That's probably the best I can explain it, I've heard people talking about how they had to saughter two wires together to their input, but I can only find one.

Any one have any idea how to fix this?


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Maybe the jack is fried?
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take it to a local music shop .. its a pretty easy repair .. at most it will be like ten bucks or something .. if that.. let a pro do it
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its either the jack needs to be tightened cuz its loose, or the wires could have torn a little if u have yanked the guitar cord out of the input before. u should take it in to get lookied at sumwhere
A wire is probably loose on the jack. It happened to me on my Schecter too . You just have to iron it back on ( i'm not sure ironning is the proper term lol ).